Your Website - Looking Great and Easy-to-Navigate On All Devices

It’s easier and less expensive than you may think to convert your existing ChamberMaster or MemberZone-produced website to a responsive site!
With mobile Internet usage increasing steadily – from smartphones to tablets – it’s critical that your association’s website is mobile friendly and accessible to your target audiences at every step of their online journey.

What's included?
Not only will you receive a more modern responsive version of your existing website that looks great on all devices, you’ll also be upgraded from your existing LiveEdit’s 3.6 edition to the new easier-to-use SmartCMS content management system.

Who's eligible?
If you are already a ChamberMaster or MemberZone customer and have an existing Established Layout website with us, you can take advantage of this customer loyalty discount. If you have a Custom or Enhanced Layout, please contact us for a special quote. 

You can even choose when you wish to have your new site launched – giving your staff time to review the new features and make any content changes before it launches! 

Why is responsive design important?
Mobile friendliness affects Google website rankings in mobile search results. Learn more here »

Not sure if your website is responsive?
If you haven't updated your website design in the last year, it's probably not responsive.

Responsive Website Design (RWD)
Responsive websites – also known as mobile-friendly websites – render perfectly no matter what device a website is viewed on and the size of the screen it has. The responsive design eliminates the need to manage a primary website and an additional mobile website, plus responsive sites have stronger SEO (search engine optimization) value over multiple domains.

SmartCMS (Content Management System)
SmartCMS is included with your responsive site update. Some of the features you may enjoy include:

  • Enhanced file and image editing tools
  • Built-in help and guided tutorials
  • Simple upload to refresh your site background
  • Ease-to-use, modern user interface

Watch a quick overview video on SmartCMS and learn more information here »

Reserve your spot on the conversion calendar TODAY!

Learn more about SmartCMS as Peter demonstrated a few of the highlights (14 min video) »

Complete the form below to confirm you would like us to convert your website to the corresponding Established Layout or a new (different) Established Layout in SmartCMS. A Project Manager will contact you to schedule your site conversion and then send you the one-time fee invoice for the upgrade you choose. There's no downtime or work required for your staff.


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